Responsive JavaScript Time Picker

Responsive JavaScript Time Picker Our legacy Time Picker is back and better than ever. The Responsive JavaScript Time Picker component allows the user to select the time using a unique interface. Keeping with the traditional analog clock display with a modern twist. The Time Picker does not interfere with the user input and they can type in the time directly. However, it provide a quick view of available times and validate the user input.

Build Your Time Picker Online

Build Your Time Picker Online Don't want to go through all the API documentations? We got the solution for you, now you can customize your own time picker using our online builder. Simply change what you want and you'll get all the code right away. You can also save your work for reference.


  • Responsive & change layout automatically.
  • Classic design with a modern twist.
  • Set the start and end time, and times off
  • Customize the top hour to set the clock flow based on your options
  • Keyboard navigation for hours and minutes (based on the caret position).

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Simple TimePicker View Code
Multiple Languages View Code
In this example, we'll create multiple timepickers in different languages. This example is not available in the Lite version because additional languages are not loaded.
Time Difference View Code
In this example, we'll illustrate how to calculate the time difference between two time pickers
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End time:
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