NoGray JavaScript Library vs 1.2.2

NoGray JavaScript Library Our JavaScript Library has grown to version 1.2.2. This is a complete JavaScript Library that powers our plug-ins and components. It provide a solid interface to build a consistent user experience. Also, our JavaScript Library is fully documented with examples and more are being added all the time.


The NoGray JavaScript Library was developed to be a complete JavaScript framework that ease development of web apps and dynamic websites. The main goal is to maintain a backward compatible JavaScript library and continue to add new functionality.

Browsers Support

Browsers Support
Our JavaScript Library is built to support a wide array of browsers and is feature driven. Browser sniffing is at absolute minimum which makes our code works on a large number of browsers. Right now we are testing our code base on mobile browsers and it looks very solid.

Extendable Class Model

Extendable Class Model With our extendable class model, you can simply overwrite the methods you want to customize. We also provide classes to build a rich user interface right out of the box.


  • Easy to use and understand.
  • DOM, Events and Ajax support.
  • Extends HTML Elements to ease cross platform development.
  • Language System for easy translation.
  • Built in Button, Plug-ins and Components System for advance controls.
  • and much more...


The examples below show some of the features our Full version provides. From CSS styles and transformation animation, drag and drop, assets managment and much more.
Dragging over Targets View Code
In this example, we'll create drop targets that gets highlighted when the user drop the object over them.
Drag Me

Over Here:

Using ng.Element.animate(obj, func) View Code
In this example we'll create multiple animation and chain them together.
Hello World
Using ng.Element.bezier_move() View Code
Using ng.Assets.load_images(arr, ld, im_ld) View Code
In this example, we'll load an animation cycle images and play the animation when all the images are loaded. The animation cycle is from
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API & Docs
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