The Button

JavaScript Button Buttons are some of the most used elements and creating a button that can handle various functionality and flexiable is a first priority. Because buttons are so important, they are built into our JavaScript Library.

Why a JavaScript Button?

We basically wanted to create a consistent user experience for all our components and plugins, so we created the base ng.Component and the button. These two widgets can be the base for everything else. This will give developers standard methods and events when creating new widgets and gives users consistent experience.

Useful Links


Sample Buttons using JavaScript View Code
In this example, we'll create buttons using JavaScript.
Button from a Link

Search API:
Creating Button using HTML5 - require vs 1.2.0 + n View Code
In this example, we'll create a few buttons using HTML5. This example requires version 1.2.0 and the ng.UI
Standard Button:

Different Colors:
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