Web Design

Web Design Design is a very critical part of any website performance and success. Websites can vary from professional and clean to jazzy and spicy based on the targeted audience and the purpose of the site. Our artistic designs with an easy to use interface can increase the conversion and ROI value of any website. We take pride of each project we design and take it to the next level.

Design Process

First we take a look at the project's overall requirement and what is needed. After that we'll create several mockups and layout for the client. These mockups are a starting point that can be changed, adjusted or thrown out. Once the initial design is created, we'll create the default template for the website and customize it for sections that need their own look and feel. Finally, we'll deliver the original design and the working HTML files.

Design Integration

If the website will be implemented on a third party application or software, we'll deliver the template files based on the application requirements. We can deliver the files as HTML, Smarty or PHP. Here is a sample applications we can integrate our designs with:

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