JavaScript Calendar Builder


Step 1 of 10: Input and Placement

input: Is the calendar associated with an input field?
Enter the input field ID. If you want to use drop down select menus (Full version only), enter three IDs separated by a comma in the following order [DATE,MONTH,YEAR] (e.g. my_date_sel,my_month_sel,my_year_sel)
object: If you don't want to use an input (or want to set the calendar in a specific location), enter the HTML Element ID that will hold the calendar:
You can leave this empty.
visible: Do you want the calendar to be visible all the time, or when the user focuses on the input field?
If the calendar is visible, we recommend setting the object variable, otherwise the calendar will be placed on the bottom of the page.
placement: Where do you want the calendar to show relative to the input box?
Leave empty for default value (depending on input field position on the screen and language)
offset: Do you want to offset the calendar from the input field? Enter the X and Y offset separated by a comma (e.g. 5,5)
This will only take effect when the visible option is set to false
close_on_select: Do you want to close the calendar after the user makes a selection?
Defaults to true of single selection calendar or false for multi selection calendar.

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