Update vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite

This update is the first step in building a complete UI layout using our library. Soon we'll release more layout to build on top of the current UI. Beside the new UI plugins, we also finished a new development plateform to help us keep the Full and Lite versions in sync. (API Changes)

How to Upgrade

We recommend updating all the JavaScript and CSS files because we are using our new development plateform that keeps the Full and Lite version (and any new variations in the future) in sync. This reduce the development time and reduce the bugs that comes from porting the lite version from the full version. The new CSS rules are located in the ng_ui.css, light_ui.css and dark_ui.css between /*1.2.2*/ commens.

What's New

UI Plugins
Other Stuff
  • All our components now incorporate toString method so they can be inserted into strings directly (the value of the components will be returned).
  • ng.Calendar and ng.TimePicker incorporate valueOf method so they can be used in direct calculation (the timestamp will be returned).
  • New method ng.TimePicker.get_value()
  • Increased the ng.TimePicker radius to 100 pixels to pervent minutes overlap.
  • The right (or left in RTL languages) - when the cursor is in the end of the input field -, or enter+shift keys will auto populate the ng.AutoComplete with the selected option and keep the it open.
  • Automatic garbage collection for plugins and components which their input or object were removed from the Dom directly.
  • New ng.Element.get_plugin method.
  • New ng.Plugin event onBeforeRemove.
  • Cloned drag elements will have a new data attribute data-ng_drag_clone with value 1.
  • Imporved drag and drop for elements inside positioned parents.
  • Imporved hidden components position when they are added inside a positioned parent.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a bug in IE8 and lower that automatically disabled buttons.
  • Fixed a bug in removing components method.
  • ng.array will return an array with the passed variable if an array can't be parsed.