Update vs. 1.2.1 Full+Lite

Responsive Components

This update has only one focus, let our component be responsive. Now, all components will automatically response to the screen size and give the user better control in mobile devices. (API Changes)

How to Upgrade

We recommend updating all the files in our library because many have minor changes. If you have changed the CSS files, you can only copy the 1.2.1 rules (between 1.2.1 comments in each CSS file).

How does it Work

The only changes required is updating the files. Your components will convert in all screen size lower than 480 pixels to a responsive layout. In the responsive layout, the calendar num_months option and color picker advance option are not avaliable (you don't need to modify any of your code). The change in layout is triggered by the screen size change.

Special Note

If you followed the shared calendar example, you need to modify your code. The responsive requires each input field to have it's own parent.