Boolean ng.Sortable.can_sort ([HTML_Element elm = null]) vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite

Check if the elements can be sorted. This method checks the can_sort option and if the object id disabled or not.

If an HTML Element is passed, this function will check if that element sort has been disabled by the data attribute can_sort (e.g. <ul><li data-can_sort="0">Not Sortable but will show in value</li></ul>).


HTML_Element elm (Optional - Default: null) vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite
If an HTML Element is passed and the element data attribute "can_sort" is 0, this function will return false. This way specific elements sorting can be disabled.


Boolean Required vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite
Weather the elements can be sorted or not.