Previous Release 1.1.0 vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite

This update includes minor bugs fixes and performance improvement. It's compatible with the previous release and nothing need to be changed in your current code beside swapping the files.

NoGray JS Library

  • Added a Lite Version
  • Added CSS 2D transformation support to the ng.Element.
  • Improve drag and drop functionality
  • Added additional validation and filtering functionality.
  • New ng.Format object for common string formats.
  • Fix minor ng.XHR bugs
  • Improve performance for events handling and fix bugs in removing custom HTML Elements' events.
  • Improve ng.Component class to allow nested components.

ng.Calendar Component

  • Fix the onload multi date selection bug.
  • Automaticlly get the selected date value from the original input field if the selected date option wasn't passed.
  • New option for range off with formatter
  • Clone the original input field class name, readonly and size properties.
  • Adjust the CSS style to stop the "jump" effect when the font weight changes.
  • Server Date Format is now printed in English regardless of the calendar language (in Lite version, this will depend if the English language object is loaded).
  • User can type in the date in the calendar language and it will be parsed correctly.
  • If the difference between the start and end date is more than 15 years, the year select drop down is changed into an input field to improve performance.

What's Next

  • Convert our legacy components to work with our frame work (time picker and color picker).
  • Release and document new components (autocomplete, spinner, slider).
  • Add CSS 3D transformation support.
  • Add custom forms class for dynamic Ajax forms.
  • Add graphics support (canvas) and implement it with the ng.Animation class.