Patch vs. 1.1.3 Full+Lite

This patch includes minor bug fixes and usability improvements. (API Changes)

How to Upgrade

This patch is a drop in replacement and your code should work without any problems. The only CSS file that was altered is the Slider CSS file (in the assets/components/slider/css/ folder). If you have custom styles, you can add the new rules that are located on the bottom of the file (between the comments 1.1.3). The following JavaScript files were changed: ng_all.js, ng_lite.js, components/slider.js, components/timepicker.js and components/timepicker_lite.js

What's Changed

New Functionality
  • New layout option for the ng.Button that gives complete control over the buttons elements placements. Review ng.Button.set_layout for examples and more details.
  • New boolean option use24 for the ng.TimePicker. This will show the hours in 24 format in the clock face plate.
Usability Improvements
  • Components placement option is change to automatic, which will show the component relative to the input field position on the view port and the language. For example, if the input field is on the bottom of the page, the component will show on top of it so the user doesn't have to scroll down.
  • Allow the user to scroll the document without closing any component. This fix is for Firefox and IE in Windows 8.
  • Changed the load process of the the JavaScript Library to allow the files to be included in the head section of the document. We still recommend to add the scripts on the bottom of the body.
  • The ng.Slider keyboard navigation (up and down buttons) now increase the value gradually and speeds up based on the time the user keep holding the button.
Bug Fixes
  • A bug that effect ng.Element.get_position when the document language direction is rtl and the page has a horizontal scroll bars. Also, the same function had a bug getting a fixed element (css position) when the page was scrolled
  • New CSS rules were added for the ng.Slider to stop the element from being selected.