• ng.Element.set_transform is not available in the Lite version

Self ng.Element.set_transform (String property, Mixed value) vs. 1.1.0 FULL ONLY

Sets a CSS transformation property for the Html Element. The NoGray JavaScript Library calculates all the values for the transformation and use the matrix to apply them to the HTML Element. For IE vs 8 and lower, the position might not match as other browsers especially if the transform-origin is set. Once you set all the transform properties, you need to call the ng.Element.transform() to apply the changes.


String property Required vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The css transform property. Because the way this function work, you cannot set the matrix property.
Mixed value Required vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The transform value. This value must match the CSS requirements for the property (e.g. '2,2' for scale).


Self Required vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The original HTML Element.


Using ng.Element.set_transform(property, value)
This is my div

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