void ng.map_html5_prop (String type, Object obj) vs. 1.1.2 Full+Lite

Map specific html5 properties to be used in the creation of the html5 options object in ng.html5_options.

For example, in the ng.Calendar component, we will map the min to the start_date and max to the end_date. This way, the options object can either use the standard properties or the data properties.


String type Required vs. 1.1.2 Full+Lite
The input type.
Object obj Required vs. 1.1.2 Full+Lite
A key value object for the properties that will be mapped to the options object. (e.g. {'min':'start_date', 'max':'end_date'} ).


Using ng.map_html5_prop(type, obj)
In this example, we'll map the date input field min and max properties to start_date and end_date