void ng.extend_event (Event evt) vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite

Extends and event for easy use and cross browser supports. After the event is extended, the following properties will be avaliable.
  • pointerId vs. 1.1.4 Full+Lite: the mouse current pointer id. The pointer id is valid for most touch events (except the touchend) and pointer events.
  • top: the mouse top's position
  • left: the mouse left's position
  • wheel: the mouse wheel scroll amount
  • src_element: the element that generated the event
  • stop_bubble(): a method to stop the event from bubbling
  • stop_default(): a method to stop the event default behavior
  • stop(): stop the event from bubbling and stop the default behavior
  • code: the key code for keyboard events
  • key: as of version 1.1.5 this property is deprecated, use the get_key method below.
  • get_key()vs. 1.1.5 Full+Lite: Before version 1.1.5, use the "key" property with caution for special keys (e.g. Page Up, Page Down). If it's a key event, this method returns the character of pressed key. Possible values:
    • a-z, A-Z, 0-9, keyboard punctuations marks.
    • esc
    • backspace
    • f1-f12
    • pause break
    • ins
    • del
    • num lock
    • tab
    • caps lock
    • shift
    • ctrl
    • windows
    • alt
    • context
    • up
    • right
    • down
    • left
    • home
    • pg up
    • pg dn
    • end
    • space


Event evt Required vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The event to be extended


Using ng.extend_event(evt)
Let's assume function rec_click is attached to an HTML object click event.