Self Array.each (Function func, [Mixed bind = null], [Mixed args = null]) vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite

Iterate and execute a function over each of the array values. The function will receive the current value and the key plus any arguments passed to the each function. In order to imulate a true loop, we need a break statment. The function can return false when the loop needs to stop.

A for loop will provide better performance to iterate over the array values. This function can help when using the same function to many arrays or when an array is passed to ng.obj_each(obj) function.


Function func (val, key) vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The function that process each value or property of the array. This function will receive the value and the key of each property plus any additional argument that were passed to the each function. This function can break the loop when it returns false.
Mixed bind (Optional - Default: null) vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The binding object if required, see Function.bind for details.
Mixed args (Optional - Default: null) vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The arguments to pass to the function when binding it to an object. To pass more than one arguments, use an array.


Self Required vs. 1.1.0 Full+Lite
The original array will be returned after it's processed by the function.


Using Array.each(fund, bind, args)