Self ng.Accordion.add_tab (Mixed btn, [String cnt = (empty string)], [Mixed pos = bottom]) vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite

Adds a new tab to the accordion.


Mixed btn Required vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite
The tab button as a string or HTML Element. If a string is based, it will be used as the label and the variable cnt will be used for content.
String cnt (Optional - Default: (empty string)) vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite
The tab content if the btn variable is a string.
Mixed pos (Optional - Default: bottom) vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite
The position on where to insert the new tab. The default value will insert the tab at the bottom of the accordion. This value can be bottom, top or a number to insert the new tab over.


Self Required vs. 1.2.2 Full+Lite
The ng.Accordion object.