• The JavaScript Accordion is in Beta Release

JavaScript Accordion

JavaScript Accordion An Accordion widget is a set of collapsible panels that can store a large amount of content in a compact space. Users can hide or reveal the content stored in the accordion by clicking the tab of the panel.


  • Supports many data types out of the box
  • Static and responsive block elements
  • Sortable with multiple targets
  • Complete API for easy customization.

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Different Data Types View Code
This example will illustrate the supported data types.

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Sortable with Different Targets View Code
This example illustrates how to make sortable accordions with different targets

Accordion 1, Paragraph 1

Accordion 1, Paragraph 2

Accordion 1, Paragraph 3

Accordion 2, Paragraph 1

Accordion 2, Paragraph 2

Accordion 2, Paragraph 3

Accordion 3, Paragraph 1

Accordion 3, Paragraph 2

Accordion 3, Paragraph 3

Adding and Removing Tabs View Code
This examples shows how to add and remove tabs

Accordion, Paragraph 1

Accordion, Paragraph 2

Accordion, Paragraph 3

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